Dear IPM101 participants

Thank you for your interest and participation during the Role of the project manager micro-course. We trust that you were able to develop a few new skills in project management.

We notice that a few participants are still working through the closing sessions of the course and that’s fine. True to our open philosophy at the OERu, the course materials will remain open an accessible.

Course evaluation

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Associated micro-courses for introduction to project management

Have you completed any of the other micro-courses associated with Introduction to project management? If not, you may be interested in selecting one from the following list:

Course description Micro-course learning materials
IPM101 Role of the project manager
IPM102 Initiating a project
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Thanks and goodbye for now

We have a bold mission at the OERu to widen access to more affordable education for the estimated 100 million learners who will not have the privilege of a tertiary education. Your participation and contributions during Role of the project manager have provided valuable peer learning support for our learning community. Thank you for your positive contributions and sharing the gift of knowledge.

We look forward to welcoming you online again during any of the OERu courses in the future.

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Director of the OER Foundation.