Learning output actions

Part A – Job advert

  1. In your learning journal blog, prepare a job advert for a project manager for a project. Due to the cost of the advert you are limited to 250 words.
  2. The advert should be restricted to the following components:
    • Describing the Position
    • Summarising the project
    • Summarise the role
    • Qualifications, skill requirements list in order of priority
    • Project context

Note that information on remuneration, how to apply etc. is not required for this activity.

Part B – Reflection and justification

  1. Justify why the skills you have listed are important for your project.
  2. Explain how the context of your project impacted on your selection and priority of skill requirements.
  3. Restrict yourself to 250 words for part B.
  4. Remember to tag or label your post using the course code: IPM101 (This is needed to harvest a link to your blog post in the course feed.)