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In this subsection, we consider the roles and responsibilities of a project manager. It is important to note that a project manager is not necessarily a subject or professional expert in the focus area of the project. For example, a project manager leading a software development doesn’t need to be a computer programmer. The project manager is the person who has overall responsibility for initiating, planning, and executing a project.


Roles and responsibilities of a project manager

Watch this video to gain an overview of the roles, responsibilities, and skills requirements for a project manager.



  1. Read this article on The Role of the Project Manager.
  2. Think about your own strengths and where there are opportunities for improvement in the roles listed in the article.
  3. Share one or two areas you would like to learn more about on the course or areas where you would like to improve. Post your comment below and then look on the course feed page to see what others have posted.. For example:
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