Dear IPM103 participants

Welcome to Session 8 and the final learning pathway to put it all together and write up a project plan.

These instructions are for your Thursday 29 November 2018.

Remember that you will find copies of the instructions for the previous sessions on the course site.


In the previous learning pathways of this micro-course you worked on components of a project plan including: resources, time, budget, quality, procurement and risk.

Instructions for this session

In this session you will assemble the component parts to create a coherent and consistent plan of a standard that could be used to run a project.

  1. Work through the learning materials.
  2. Review the assessment rubric for this micro-course to determine the structure for preparing a project plan.

Need help?

For general support on using OERu technologies, please consult the OERu support site and guidelines for getting help.

If you need course specific help, post your questions using the IMP103 general forum. Remember to include the url of the page where you are having problems
This completes the micro-course and we hope you have gained a lot from the information and activities provided. If you intend to complete the assignment, there is one more email coming your way.

We wish you every success in your future projects.

With kind regards
The IPM103 course development team.