In this section, you will choose a topic of interest relating to societal issues or problematic behaviours on the Internet for further investigation. You can select one of the topics introduced in this learning pathway, or an alternate issue you find more interesting.

Your task is to search for reliable resources on your chosen topic and to share these links on the course resource bank.

Alternate issues

You are free to choose any societal issue or antisocial behaviour associated with the Internet. Here are few additional topics to consider:

web resources

Resource bank activity

To find, summarise and share two reliable resources on the issue you chose relating to societal and problematic Internet behaviours.

  1. Choose a topic of interest.
  2. Conduct a search to identify reliable and credible online resources on your selected topic. Try to find resources from your own country or region, or your own area of work.
  3. Select the two best resources; log in to bookmarks.oeru.org and click on “Add” link.
    • Complete the form adding the link, a short description and the recommended tags below for each resource. Be sure to mark your resource “Public”.

The resource bank is hosted at bookmarks.oeru.org. The system uses tags to search for related resources. Log in and vote for resources you find useful. Please use the following tags for this activity:
Required tags: : lida102, lida102a5-1
Suggested tags: : Use appropriate keywords (lowercase), e.g.: trolling (or other descriptive tag(s))
Quicklink: : lida102