Learning output actions

Publish an editorial (400 – 600 words) on your personal course blog on a societal issue or antisocial behaviour associated with the Internet. You editorial must:

  1. Contain a minimum of four hyperlinks to supporting resources or issues. (Your digital identity is connected to the Internet and it is important to demonstrate how your contribution joins a networked conversation through connections in information.)
  2. Include a representative image embedded in your blog post (N.B. ensure that you have legal permissions to use the image).
    • If you are not sure about copyright, source a public domain image on Pixabay, but don’t use the sponsored images unless you have purchased rights to use the sponsored image.
  3. Include at least two references properly cited using the APA style (see for example APA Style published by the University of Canterbury Library).
  4. Include a paragraph highlighting practical implications, for example: learning in a digital age or your current role.

Remember to add a category or tag for your post using the course tag: LiDA102.