1. Read How to write an editorial.
  2. Using the topic you selected, decide on the type of editorial, for example:
    • Explaining or interpreting
    • Criticising
    • Persuading
    • Praising
  3. Get your facts straight:
    • Revisit the online sources you identified previously.
    • Consult links shared by your LiDA102 peers (Vote for valuable links shared by your peers).
    • Search for additional resources if needed.
  4. Prepare a thesis-like paragraph designed to catch the readers attention and introduce what your editorial is about.
  5. Prepare the body of your editorial providing an objective explanation of the issue supported by the relevant sources you have identified, for example:
    • State the opposing argument first
    • Present reasons refuting the opposition
    • Share your solutions.
  6. Prepare a paragraph on practical implications, for instance, learning in a digital age or your current role.
  7. Draft the conclusion.