This learning pathway on copyright focuses on your legal rights to copy.

Copyright is the basis on which open licensing is built. Consequently you need a clear understanding of how copyright works in order to use or produce creative works that apply open licenses. Moreover, learning in a digital age requires knowledge of copyright because interactions and outputs of learning are published online increasing exposure to the risks associated with breach of copyright.



On successful completion of this learning pathway, you will be able to:

  • Explain the origins of copyright
  • Explain the scope, rights, protections, exceptions, and, transfer of copyright.
  • Discuss the ethics associated with the ownership of ideas in the context of copyright and intellectual property.


Optional pretest

We have created an optional pretest to provide a rough indication of your existing knowledge of copyright and Creative Commons licenses before commencing your studies on these topics.

  1. Login or create a new account on the website
  2. Go to the Certificate of Competency link for this course.
  3. Enter the self enrolment key: “oer4all2020” (all lower case)
  4. Follow the instructions on screen to take the pre-test.
  5. If you need more help on registering an account on our Moodle, visit the support page. Please note that there is no charge for this competency test.