Session Title
Session 1 Why open matters
Session 2 Defining OER
Session 3 Copyright
Copyright case study
Session 4 Creative Commons
Remix game

This page provides a list of important activities and learning challenges for each learning pathway.

Why open matters

Title Type
Why open matters (Forum) Mini challenge
Why open matters (Quiz) Knowledge test

Defining OER

Title Type
Solving real-world problems with OER (Forum) Mini challenge
Implications of OER for learning in a digital age (Blog) Challenge
Defining OER (Quiz) Knowledge test


Title Type
Copyright and ownership of learner generated materials (Forum) Mini challenge
Copyright (Quiz) Knowledge test

Copyright case study

Title Type
Copyright case study (Interactive) Mini challenge
Copyright MCQ challenge (Blog) Challenge

Creative Commons

Title Type
Choose a CC license (Online) Activity
Researching questions about CC (Annotation) Activity
Creative Commons (Quiz) Knowledge test

Creative Commons remix game

Title Type
CC remix game (Interactive) Mini challenge
4R learning challenge (Blog) Challenge

Dimensions of openness

Title Type
Open textbooks terms of service comparison (Social media) Mini challenge
Dimensions of openness reflection (Blog) Challenge
Dimensions of openness (Quiz) Knowledge test