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In this learning pathway, we will focus on digital skills for creating media.

If you are planning to take the assessment for this course for formal credit, we recommend that you read the requirements for Task 4 of the assignment so that you can re-use the outputs of the mini-learning challenges in this learning pathway for incorporation into your presentation.


Mini challenge summary

Summary: Select a subject and draft an initial plan for creating a multimodal presentation
30 – 45 minutes



Multimodal media
Digital media enables the simultaneous expression of multiple modes of communication including text, static images, moving images, gestures and sound. These modalities can be used in various combinations in digital communication formats. Multimodal media can convey meaning beyond “alphabetical communication” and requires “readers” to develop abilities to understand these modes of making meaning. Media literate digital citizens require the ability to craft, create and manipulate media as forms of communication and expression.

The assignment for Critical media literacies and associated digital skills (LiDA104) requires that you create a multimedia presentation saved as a video file that incorporates an audio track plus at least two other modalities such as text, static images, animations or video. The mini challenges in this learning pathway will support you in developing your digital skills in each of these modalities. We recommend that you now select a topic or subject for the multimodal presentation so that the outputs you generate from the mini challenges can be incorporated into your final multimedia presentation. We also recommend that you now select an authentic use case for your presentation so that you have a defined target audience. This also means that the time you spend on this course can be used productively in the real world.

web resources

Stimulus resources


  1. Choose a topic or subject for an authentic presentation, that is something you can use in the real world, for example:
    • Educators can choose a subject to produce an online presentation that you can use in your own teaching;
    • Employees can choose a subject for use in a business presentation for colleagues or clients;
    • Entrepreneurs can produce a short presentation to market a product or service;
    • Product support employees can generate a help resource showing how to use a product or service;
    • If you’re unsure, you can create a help resource for any learning pathway or topic for the Learning in a digital age (LiDA) micro-courses. Outputs which are licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution or Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license could be incorporated into future offerings of the LiDA courses. This is a good way to give-back to the OERu learning community.

Note: If you are planning to complete the assignment for this micro-course, be aware that the assessment requirement is to create a multimedia presentation “on any topic that expresses the outputs of your learning or a resource to support learners studying a topic of your choice, for e.g: a multimedia presentation summarising the outputs of one of your assessment tasks or learning activities; or a learning resource to support a topic from the Learning in a Digital Age course.”

  1. Plan a rough outline for a 3 minute multimodal presentation (Note: this is an initial draft, so don’t spend too much time preparing a detailed plan. Producing media is an iterative process and for now, you only require a rough outline).
    • Specify the purpose of your presentation
    • Draft a simple story board to outline the sequence and approximate timeline for your presentation.

Learning output actions

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