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The questions which follow provide a basic knowledge test of selected concepts covered in this learning pathway: Create media.

The questions published at the end of each learning pathway are re-used for the knowledge test for learners interested in earning a digital badge or certificate of participation for the Critical Media Literacies and Associated Digital Skills (LiDA104) micro-course. Please consult the Certify participation page for more information.


True - false questions

Indicate whether the following statements are true or false:

  • A storyboard is used to record the detailed final content for media such as presentations and videos.
    • True
      • No. Look at the page ‘Choose a subject and draft a plan’ in this learning pathway to understand more about what a storyboard is.
    • False
      • That’s right. A storyboard is more of a rough outline at the beginning of a project.
  • In the context of online diagrams, SVG is an abbreviation for ‘Standard View Graphic’.
    • True
      • No. Check this out again.
    • False
      • Yes, well done. SVG stands for ‘Scalable Vector Graphic’.
  • A cinemagraph is a series of still photographs put together in a seamless loop of sequential frames, to give the appearance of a minor and repeated movement in one element of the image.
    • True
      • That’s right.
    • False
      • No. Check out the definition again.
  • Audacity is a free video-making tool.
    • True
      • No. Search for Audacity on the internet or look at the learning materials again to find out what it is.
    • False
      • Yes. Audacity is a free audio software.


Multiple choice questions

  • Which one of the following would NOT be included in a list of modes of communication for multimodal media? (Tick one.)
    • Presentation slide
      • You are right – a presentation slide is a platform for modes of communication, not a mode of communication in itself.
    • Text
      • No – try again. Text is a mode of communication.
    • Music
      • No – try again. Music is a mode of communication.
    • Static images
      • No – try again. Images are a mode of communication.
  • Which of the following formats is recommended in the LiDA104 micro-course to create a moving picture out of a series of still images? (Tick one.)
    • SVG
      • No – SVG is primarily a format for creating static diagrams (though it does support animation which can be exported in a moving picture format for the web).
    • HTML
      • No, HTML is a markup language used to create content on a web page.
    • CSS
      • No, CSS (Cascade Styling Sheets) is a notation format used to format HTML elements on screen.
    • GIF
      • That’s right – you can create animations by saving a series of still images in the Graphical Interchange Format.
  • Which of the following tools might you use to create and edit diagrams? (There are two correct answers.)
    • Audacity
      • No – look back at the Diagram Remix mini challenge to find out the answer.
    • Gravit Designer
      • You’re right. This is a browser-based vector graphic editing application.
    • Jamendo
      • No – look back at the Diagram Remix mini challenge to find out the answer.
    • Inkscape
      • You’re right. This is an open source vector graphic editor.
  • Which TWO of the following websites are sources of free music files that are openly licensed for re-use? (Tick two.)
    • Free Music Archive
      • That’s right.
    • Spotify
      • No, Spotify’s music is not openly licensed.
    • Apple Music
      • No, Apple Music is not openly licensed.
    • Jamendo
      • That’s right – though it also has an option to source music that is not openly licensed.