At last – you have completed your presentation and saved it as a video! Well done. Now we encourage you to upload your presentation to a video-sharing platform such as Vimeo or YouTube and share it with your fellow learners.

Note: If you choose to do the formal assessment for this micro-course, you are encouraged, but not obliged, to upload your presentation to a public video platform. If you wish to keep your presentation private, you may share the video privately with the assessor instead.


Mini challenge summary

Summary: Upload and share a video presentation on a public video-sharing platform
30 – 45 minutes

Start here

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The purpose of this mini challenge is to enable you to gain experience in uploading video that you have created to a public video-hosting platform and selecting the settings that you wish to apply to your work.


  1. Decide which video-hosting platform you wish to use for your video.
  2. Create a free account on that platform, if you do not already have one. (There are paid options available for both YouTube and Vimeo, but you do not need to use them for this mini challenge or the assessment.)
  3. Search on the internet for instructions on how to upload a video, change the settings on your video and share a link to it.
  4. Select the licensing, privacy and other settings that you wish for your video.
  5. Obtain the sharing link and share with your fellow learners through Mastodon, WENotes or your learning journal blog.



Learning output actions

  1. Upload your video
  2. Share the public link to your video presentation by:
    • Posting on mastodon.oeru.org (include the hashtag #LiDA104)
    • Publishing a short blog post with a link to your video presentation (label or tag using the course code: LiDA104) or
    • posting it in a comment on WENotes

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