Dear DS4OER participants

Welcome to Session 8 of the syllabus on Creating a learning pathway. These instructions are for your Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 March 2016.


We have now completed the DS4OER learning challenges which constitute the subcomponent parts and digital skills necessary to develop a learning pathway in the wiki. Thus far we have:

  1. Published a course description;
  2. Designed a course blueprint;
  3. Developed a storyboard;
  4. Published a course outline; and
  5. Improved digital skills for collaborative OER development by generating artefacts for inclusion in the course materials including images, diagrams, video and pedagogical templates.

Creating a learning pathway

By the end of Session 8 you will have published individual wiki pages for your own learning pathway incorporating existing OER you have identified for reuse and remix.

We commence Session 8 by generating an inventory of existing OER to augment and expand the open artefacts identified for reuse to date. The exercise of reviewing available OER for remix may generate additional ideas for refining and tweaking your course outline before tackling the authoring of the individual pages of your course outline.

Drawing on your design blueprint and storyboard, you will populate the individual pages of your course outline incorporating learning activities.

Here are the links to the course resources you will need for Session 8:

Please note: We have not scheduled a webinar session for Week 3 due to the Easter holidays with a number of participants in different parts of the world taking vacation.

Have a great day!