Dear DS4OER participants

Welcome to Session 6 and Session 7 of the syllabus on Improving digital skills and Completing the digital skills challenges. These instructions are for your Thursday 17 March to Tuesday 22 March 2016.

During this phase of the course we commence with the assembly and remix of OER artefacts which you will reuse in the learning pathway(s) you are developing for DS4OER. We will review prerequisite knowledge for remixing OER and refine our skills by completing four digital skills challenges.

Recommended schedule

As an independent study course, you have the freedom to complete the activities at times which suite your own schedule. We have “sandwiched” a weekend between the digital skills challenges for learners who may want a little more time to refine their work. We suggest that you pace the activities as follows:

The outputs you will generate during Session 7 will be incorporated into the individual pages of your course outline, contributing to the learning pathway(s) you have designed during the preceding sessions.

I look forward to seeing the outputs of your creativity!