Dear DS4OER participants

Welcome to Session 3 of the syllabus on Developing a design blueprint. These instructions are for your Friday 11 and Monday 14 March 2016.

Welcome to new participants

If you have just joined us, we extend a very warm welcome. Our first few days focused on setting up a course blog and social media accounts and getting started with basic wiki skills. You will find copies of all the instructions emailed to date on the course site. You should have enough time to get up to speed with the basics to commence the open design journey.

Developing a design blueprint

Open design is an iterative process. The design blueprint is an important step in conceiving a learning design and approach for your course materials. The wiki model is based on sharing drafts early in the process to enable feedback from peers. During this session you will create a planning homepage in WikiEducator which will become the hub of your open development in WikiEducator. We will then progress to drafting a course description followed by a design blueprint. We recommend that you:

  • Establish your planning homepage and draft course description on Friday 11 March
  • Complete the first draft of your design blueprint on Monday 14 March.

For those who would like to spend a little extra time, there is a weekend sandwiched between the two days. This provides an opportunity to catchup if you have fallen a little behind.


Have a great day!