Learning outcome actions

  1. Publish a short blog post where you provide a succinct summary of the lessons learned while compiling your OER inventory.
    • Include a link in the post to your inventory in the wiki.
    • Remember to apply the “ds4oer” tag to your post—called a label in blogger. (This is needed for harvesting your post in the course feed.)
  2. Please register the url of your blog post so course participants can find your post to provide feedback and comments.
    • Select “OER inventory” from the list of options on the submission form.
  3. Visit the register of learning challenges submitted and try to suggest an additional OER resource for one or two colleagues in the course by adding these on the inventory page in the wiki.
    • If you are unable to source additional OER, consider posting a comment providing feedback for a fellow learner in the wiki. Your feedback should be posted in WikiEducator using the corresponding discussion tab for providing feedback in the wiki rather that commenting on the user’s blog.