Challenge summary

Summary: Create content and integrate supporting learning activities for your course outline in the wiki.
3 – 4 hours
Linked to final course assignment

Use the outputs of your course outline challenge as a starting point for authoring your learning pathway.

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Creating online

The purpose of this learning challenge is to author a learning pathway online including the integration of activities to support your learners in achieving the learning outcomes. This learning challenge builds on the work conducted earlier in the course.

The value of this exercise is to:

  • Author course materials based on the course outline derived from your storyboard.
  • Reuse and remix images and rich media you sourced and created for your learning pathway.
  • Remix and incorporate materials you sourced during the OER inventory challenge.
  • Implement the wiki skills you acquired for publishing pedagogical templates to embed activities within individual pages.
  • Review the sequence of content pages you proposed for your course outline and tweak and refine as appropriate.
  • Gain experience and confidence in drafting course materials online.
  • Gift your knowledge and experience by providing comments and feedback to fellow learners on improving their own course materials.