Learning outcome actions

  1. Complete the authoring of the individual pages of the outline for your learning pathway. Check that you have:
    • Incorporated a few images
    • Have reused the remix diagram and video remix outputs you generated during the digital skills challenges earlier in the course.
    • Incorporate two or more activities using pedagogical templates
  2. Complete the text for your landing page
  3. Publish a short blog post of approximately 200 words where you share:
    • A link to your course outline
    • A short reflection on your experience with authoring your course outline.
  4. Please register the url of your blog post so course participants can find your post to provide feedback and comments.
    • Select “Learning pathway” from the list of options on the submission form.
  5. Visit the register of learning challenges submitted and post a few comments providing feedback on individual outline pages developed by fellow participants.
    • Try to find a submission which does not have any feedback comments.
    • Your feedback should be posted in WikiEducator using the corresponding discussion tab for providing feedback in the wiki rather than commenting on the user’s blog. Click on the “Discussion” link which appears immediately to the right of the “Page” link at the top of your browser page.