Learning outcome actions

  1. Using the outline subpage of your course planning page in the wiki, publish a bullet list outline for your two proposed learning pathways. (See previous Tasks page for instructions.)
  2. Publish a blog post of approximately 200 words where you:
    • Provide a url link to your course outline page in the wiki.
    • Share a brief reflection on your experiences preparing this outline.
    • Remember to apply the “ds4oer” tag to your post—called a label in blogger. (This is needed for harvesting your post in the course feed.)
  3. Please register the url of your blog post so course participants can find your post to provide feedback and comments.
    • Select “Course outline” from the list of options on the form.
  4. Visit the register of learning challenges submitted and post a comment providing feedback on two blog posts.
    • Try to find a blog post which does not have any feedback comments.