If you wish to gain credit for this course, you will need to complete the assessment task. The requirements of the assessment task and the marking criteria can be accessed from the Assessment tab.

There is a fee payable to have your assessment task marked. The current fee is $100 AUD (Australian dollars). Details of how to pay the fee and submit your assignment are provided on the Charles Sturt University webpage.

If you complete the following 4 courses with the OERU and receive a passing grade or above for each of the assessment items you are able to apply for a credit for a whole subject with Charles Sturt University. You will receive a full credit for the subject Indigenous Australian Cultures, Histories and Contemporary Realities.

The 4 courses you will need to successfully complete to gain a credit are;

  • Indigenous Australians: The Dreaming and relationships to country
  • Indigenous Australian Histories
  • Human Rights and Indigenous Australian peoples
  • Contemporary realities for Indigenous Australians