What’s involved?

You will work through each of the topic areas and complete the required reading and activities. It is encouraged that you complete the learning and reflection activities and record your responses in a written or in a digital blog or journal. Completing the activities along the way will assist you with completing the assessments for the course.

As you get started you will see the following icons that indicate what you are required to do;

Ind icon learning objectives.svg You will come across bird tracks – time for hunting! These tracks indicate a link that will take you to another place, to a reading, a video or a website to explore.
Ind icon key idea.svg The clap sticks keep time to a song that contains important knowledge. They indicate a key idea.
Ind icon reflection.svg The campground is a place to stop. You will be asked to reflect or to undertake a task.
Ind icon reading activity.svg There are meeting places where several tracks come together. It is here where people meet and share ideas.

There will be required or recommended readings, for you to find out about the ideas of others.