Project Management Constraint 6 point Star by PMBOK 4.0

We have established that projects are divided into phases (PMBOK) and that the project manager must be knowledgeable in a number of different areas. In this sub-section, we explore the relationship between the project management body of knowledge and the project management cycle.



  1. Read the section beginning Introduction to the Project Management Knowledge Areas up to and excluding Scrum Development Overview in the prescribed textbook (Web | PDF), Chapter 4 (pages 25 – 32 in the PDF version).
    • The purpose of this reading activity is to explore the relationships between the PMBOK and phases of a project.
    • This reading should help you gain an overview of the project management process.
    • We recommend that you highlight or underline important concepts and relationships – this will help in preparing for the mind map challenge.
  2. WEnote:Share at least one major insight or discovery you had, based on your reading. Post your comment below and then look on the course feed page to see what others have posted.

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