Project methodologies

This course is based on the classical PMBOK approach, however, it is important to know that there are a number of different methodologies. There is a growing trend particularly in the software and design industries to adopt an Agile Project Management methodology. Rapid prototyping is another example.

Aspects of each method can be integrated into the PMBOK approach, for example a PMBOK team could introduce regular SCRUM or SPRINT sessions.


Reading and annotation

  1. Read PM methodologies published by Successful projects
    • Focus on the differences and think about the kinds of projects suited to each methodology.
  2. Launch and login to your account. Share your recommendation for the best approach, giving reasons for your choice by posting an annotation. (Remember to tag your annotation using the course code: IPM101.)
  3. We recommend that you highlight or underline important concepts and relationships – this will help in preparing for the mind map challenge. (You can use the “highlight” feature which will record your personal notes without sharing these publicly.)



In this video focus on when each methodology should be used.


Forum - Project management methodologies

  1. Identify a project from your own experience.
    • Recommend a preferred methodology and justify your recommendation
    • Highlight one methodology which would not be appropriate for the project and justify your choice.
  2. Post your thoughts in the discussion forum.