In the end, people are persuaded not by what we say, but by what they understand.

John C. Maxwell

A project manager is not expected to be a content or discipline expert in the focus area of the project. Consequently, it is important for project managers to develop skills in determining the corporate culture with reference to the beliefs, attitudes, and values of the organisation leading a project.

In this sub-section, we will use the OER universitas (OERu) as a case study to explore the organisational culture of an international philanthropic collaboration. This will provide the context for preparing a proposal to establish a national or regional project team for marketing and recruitment of prospective learners.

case study

Case study - the OERu

Global sharing. Affordable learning

The OERu is an international network of innovative higher education institutions inspired by the vision of opening access to a credible, high-quality and affordable education to learners around the world. Through OERu, learners develop knowledge and earn credits toward globally recognized qualifications at partner institutions.

The OERu is distinctively open. Courses are assembled using open educational resources (OER) and open access materials. The courses are designed, developed and published using open content licenses, for example Creative Commons. The technology infrastructure is based entirely on open source software. All planning is conducted openly and transparently in WikiEducator with a public record of all meetings and decisions since its inception.

Key resources

Share one word which, in your opinion, best describes the culture of the OERu international partnership, for example:

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Jot down a summary in one or two sentences which describes the organisational culture of the OERu international partnership.