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Resource bank activity

Search, evaluate, select, annotate, tag and share resource links on leading effective teams

The purpose of this activity is to find and select online resources to assist in determining the top five tips or guidelines for leading effective teams in a project management context. You are invited to record and share these links using the OERu resource bank. Note that you must use the required and recommended tags stated below.


  1. Search
    • Conduct a Google search on “guidelines for leading effective teams”, “how to lead a team successfully” or alternative search term of your choice.
  2. Select
    • Select two resources you found most useful or instructive
  3. Record, annotate and tag your bookmarks
    • Log in to bookmarks.oeru.org and click on the “Add” link to record your best resource link on leading effective teams.
    • Remember to add the required tags and suggested tags (see below in the footnote area).
    • Notes about tags: Tags should be lowercase without spaces. When adding more than one tag these should be separated using commas. The ipm101a4-1 refers to the first resource bank activity of the fourth learning pathway of the IPM101 course.
    • Important: Remember to make your bookmark public (this is located next to the privacy section in the edit window when adding a bookmark).
    • Include a short description summarising the link including why you selected or recommend the resource.
  4. Explore the bookmark tags for teams
    • Click on the “Tags” link located at the top of the page at bookmarks.oeru.org.
    • Search for resources tagged: teams (Note, remember to select “all bookmarks” so that your search is not restricted to your own bookmarks.)
    • Explore a few bookmarks which have been submitted by fellow learners. If you find a resource you like, vote for the resource by clicking on the “thumbs-up” graphic. Click on the “copy” link to add useful bookmarks to your personal bookmark account on bookmarks.oeru.org

The resource bank is hosted at bookmarks.oeru.org. The system uses tags to search for related resources. Log in and vote for resources you find useful. Please use the following tags for this activity:
Required tags: : ipm101, ipm101a4-1
Suggested tags: : teams, video (or other descriptive tag(s))
Quicklink: : ipm101a4-1