You have volunteered to lead a small project team (five to seven people) to implement a small marketing project. The aim is to communicate the opportunities for learners who would not have the privilege of a tertiary education (because of lack of funds or access to places in higher education) to participate in free learning, made available through the OERu. There is no seed funding available for your project, and your marketing campaign is restricted to the launch of a new OERu course in the near future.

  1. Choose a location for your marketing campaign (e.g. local community, city, country, etc.)
  2. Describe what you plan to do to promote marketing and recruitment of prospective OERu learners in the location identified above.
  3. Select a customer segment for your campaign (see for example the OERu Open Business Model Canvas (pdf).)
  4. Taking the context and composition of your proposed team into account, identify the top four strategies you will adopt in order to lead and build an effective team.