Learning Challenge Tasks

Complete the tasks listed below:

  • Prepare a proposed budget for a project of your choice. Include a breakdown of the individual activity costs (the decomposition).
  • Prepare a budget timeline for the same project.
  • Reflect on this process in your learning journal. Your entry should be a minimum of 100 words.

Marking Rubric

Use the rubric below to gauge how well you have done this. This will also be the same rubric that will be used if you choose to complete a formal assessment.

Criteria Marks
The estimated costs for each work package are clearly described for all resources required.
The budget shows how much will need to be spent to reach at least 4 key milestones throughout the project.
The estimated cost for most work packages is clearly described.
Some resources described in the resource list are not included or are inaccurate.
The budget gives some indication of spending over time.
The estimated cost is not broken down sufficiently to see the cost of individual work packages.
The estimation for some resources listed in the resources list are either omitted or inaccurate.
The budget does not give a clear indication of spending over time.