Learning challenges

Learning in a digital age is a skills-based course which uses a “learn by doing” model.

The course is structured according to a number of learning pathways (see the learning pathways menu option above). Each learning pathway will include a number of activities and learning challenges.

OERu does not provide tutorial support, but we are an open learning community. We use forums.oeru.org to support each other on our learning journeys. If you have a support related question, please post this on the respective forum. If you know the answer to a question, please share the gift of knowledge by helping your peers.

  • For general questions about the OERu, please use the OERu FAQ forum
  • For course specific support questions, please use the general LiDA101 forum (remember to add the course tag to your post: LiDA101).

Types of learning activities

The following table summarises the types of activity:

Type Description
Learning activities Learning activities are embedded in the learning pathways, including for example, invitations to:

  • Watch a video
  • Read an article
  • Share a comment
  • Participate in a forum discussion etc.
Mini learning challenges Mini challenges are the building blocks for achieving the course objectives. They are published on a single page within the learning pathways and will include the purpose, resource links, and tasks your should carry out.
Learning challenges Learning challenges are more substantive activities requiring between 1 to 2 hours of effort. They typically require you to publish the outputs of your learning on your personal course blog. They are subdivided into three pages:

  1. Start page which provides a summary of the challenge, the purpose and corresponding stimulus resources;
  2. Tasks page which lists the steps you must complete for the challenge; and
  3. Outputs page which details the learning outcome actions and products of the challenge.