Session Dates
Getting started Independent study before starting the course.
Session 0 Independent study (recommend 2 days)
Session 1 Independent study (recommend 3 days)
Session 2 Independent study (recommend 3 days)
Session 3 Independent study (recommend 3 days)

We recommend that learners allocate 2 hours learning each “working” day, but as an open course you can progress at your own pace.

Getting started


Course overview

Familiarise yourself with the course site and course guide.

Session 0



Establish your personal learning environment (PLE) and declare yourself.

Session 1


Introduction to digital literacies

Define what digital literacies mean for you and use online technologies to support tertiary learning.

Session 2


Find and select open resources

Develop advanced search skills to locate credible and reliable open access resources online to support your learning.

Session 3


Learning in a digital age

Digital, academic and study skills required for success in higher education in a digital age