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Throughout history, there are technologies which have influenced change in society. Consider for example, the invention of the steam engine and its contribution to the Industrial Revolution. In more recent times, the advent of digital photography displaced Kodachrome (at one time, the market leader in colour film sales) which ceased production in 2009.


Annotation - Newspaper and music industry in a digital age

The readings which follow take a retrospective look at the impact of the Internet on the newspaper and music industries.

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Impact of digital technology on business

Join the discussion on the impact of digital technology on business:

  1. Choose any business or work environment (for example, your current career or future career)
  2. Think about examples of how digital technology has had an impact on your chosen business over the last 30 years.
  3. State your business or work environment and share a practical example of how digital technology has influenced change in your chosen area:
    • Has the example contributed to a fundamental change in the way things were done, or is this a minor change?
    • Do you anticipate significant changes in your industry as a result of digital technology in the future? Provide an example.

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