Hypothes.is is our annotation tool. With hypothes.is you can annotate web pages on the Internet as well as keeping private notes when using the highlight feature.

Hypothes.is enables you to:

  • Select text to annotate.
    Add tags and post publicly or save privately.
  • Reply to or share any annotation.
    Link to notes or whole pages.
  • Annotate together in groups.
    Collaborate privately with others.
  • Search your notes.
    Explore all public annotations and profiles.

How to annotate a web-page

Four steps to annotating web pages using hypothes.is:

  • Step 1: Create an account on the Hypothes.is website.
  • Step 2: Add Hypothes.is to your browser. (Install the add-on for Chrome or bookmarklet for other browsers).
  • Step 3: Go to any web page, launch Hypothesis (using the Chrome add-on or browser bookmarklet) and log in using the account you created at Hypothes.is.
  • Step 4: Highlight the text you want to annotate (see how to highlight text published by computerhope.com), click on the “Annotate” button which appears when you highlight the text, type your annotation and click “Post to Public”.

The following video provides a brief overview of how to post an annotation.


  1. Go to the Get Started page to sign up.
  2. Quick Start Guide for Students
  3. Student resource guide

If your course is using Hypothes.is to annotate as a group (i.e. share annotations on a page or pages) instructions will be given in the course. Instructions on this can be found here