Learning output actions

Prepare a blog post of approximately 450 – 600 words in two parts:

  1. Write about a topical concept or interesting idea of your choice (about 200 – 250 words). You don’t need to restrict the topic to education or your studies, it could be a hobby or area of personal interest. This component of the blog must include:
    • Text you can legally copy and modify about 300 words.
    • Sources (text, audio, images or moving images) from a minimum of three different Creative Commons license types or open usage declarations (this is intended to explore your knowledge and the challenges associated with license compatibility when choosing the license for redistribution).
    • Over and above the Creative Commons sourced material, your post must also include an extract of all rights reserved content legitimately used under the exception provisions of your national copyright act.
    • You must include at least two images in your post which can count towards the required license types for this post.
    • You must generate a derivative work from one of the images (eg adding text to the image, changing colours or remixing with another image.)
    • Based on your preferred license preference and the legal requirements of the materials you have copied for reuse and adaptation in your blog, you must apply a Creative Commons license for your derivative work which meets the legal requirements for remix compatibility.
    • Your blog post must include proper attributions for all the source materials you have reused.
  2. In the second part of this blog, write up a short reflection of about 150 words based on your experiences of this activity. Questions you could address, for example, include:
    • Did you need to change your initial license choice, and if so why?
    • Who owns the copyright of your blog post? Did this impact on what Creative Commons material you could source? Justify your answer.
    • Does the license you applied meet the requirements of a free cultural works approved license? If not, would it be possible to achieve a free cultural works approved license given the requirements for the number of different license types or open usage declarations required for this post.
    • Any other reflections or observations worth sharing with fellow students.
  3. Remember to label or tag your post using the course code: LiDA103