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Secondary MOOCs developed using low-cost methodologies

Four of the five partners in the Locomotion project developed MOOCs using the low-cost methodologies dealt with on the Making MOOCs on a budget course, which you can access below.

  • Online Learning Experience: 8 principles to improve your course[1]developed by TU Delft
  • The Basics of Open Education [2]developed by TU Delft
  • Community Management MOOC[3]developed by TU Delft
  • Medical Device Manufacturing[4] (username student10, password Student-10 ) developed by IT Sligo
  • C Programming 101[5] (username student10, password Student-10)developed by IT Sligo
  • Windenergietechnik(Wind Power Technology)[6] developed by FH Bielefeld
  • Windenergie und Umwelt (Wind Power & the Environment)[7]developed by FH Bielefeld
  • Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion (Man-Machine Interaction) [8]developed by FH Bielefeld
  • Science and Magic [9]developed by the University of Girona
  • Zero Chemistry [10] developed by the University of Girona