Module 6: Platform selection, course project, next steps, additional material, assignment

So far we have looked at the various aspects which need to be considered when developing a MOOC.

  • We have reflected on the importance of using pedagogical approaches to design your MOOC, and selecting learning objects which will allow your learners to actually learn.
  • We have looked at the tools and equipment needed to develop engaging materials for your MOOC.
  • We have also looked at how to plan your MOOC-building project so that it gets done in time and on budget.
  • We have looked at issues of promoting your MOOC, recruiting learners, engaging them, and assessing them.

In this module, we will take a look at the options for making your MOOC available for learners to actually sign up.

This module also includes a list of additional material which we have been compiling over the past 18 months, and we hope it will be a useful resource for you as you go on to make your MOOC.

The section titled ‘next steps’ outlines the support available to you as you move ahead with your project.

Some people may finish the course here, but please note that there is an optional 7th module after this one, for anyone working in an educational institution, covering institutional issues related to developing low-cost MOOCs


By the end of the module, you should know how to:

  • Assess various platforms to develop and host your MOOC
  • Get started on start building your own MOOC

Planning for this module 

Estimated time needed:

1 hour 30 mins required


Paper or device for note-taking