Welcome to module 1 – let’s dive in!


This week will start with an overview of the features you can include in a MOOC. Usually referred to as ‘learning objects’, Brian talks about these in the first video, specifically looking at how videos, webinars, simulations, discussion forums, tests and peer assessments can be incorporated to your course.
We will then look at some important pedagogical issues which need to be considered when you are planning your MOOC. Janine introduces a number of resources she has selected to help you to structure your MOOC so that your learners will actually learn! This section also looks at the issue of designing meaningful learning activities that will help your learners benefit from your MOOC.


By the end of the module, you should know how to:

  • Describe learning objects which may be used in a MOOC
  • Formulate learning objectives for your MOOC
  • Compare learning objects in terms of how they may contribute to the attainment of learning objectives

Planning for this module

Estimated time needed

1 hour 30 mins  


Paper or device for note-taking