Are you wondering what the OERu is all about?

Well here’s an introduction to how we work.

Global sharing. Affordable learning.

The OER universitas (OERu) is an international network of innovative higher education institutions inspired by the vision of opening access to a credible, high-quality, and affordable education to learners around the world. OERu partners offer free online courses assembled from OER and provide affordable ways to gain credit towards qualifications from recognised institutions.

How OERu works

The OERu assembles open online courses from OER and open access materials designed for independent study. Learners can study OERu courses online for free from anywhere in the world. Learners only pay for assessment, if and when they are ready for it. OERu partner institutions award transcript credit for assessed learning. Consult the “About” and “Assessment” pages of the respective course sites for information on which partners provide assessment services for the courses you are studying.

Watch the video below for an introduction to OERu.