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In this section we provide an overview of open technologies used by the OERu to support your learning.

Subsection Summary
Course forums Overview of the structure of the discussion forum site, how to find course forums and how to get support on the forums site.
Course bookmarks How to use the resource bank, including: creating an account, logging in, password retrieval. adding bookmarks and searching for bookmarks.
Course annotations How to annotate web pages using Hypothes.is
Course feed Summary of the interaction technologies harvested for the course feed, components of the course feed and how to post a comment on the course site which is published in the course feed.
OERu social network How to: create an account on the OERu’s Mastodon site, post a toot, reply to a toot, share a toot with your followers and share an image.
Getting help Information on getting general and course specific help.