OERu micro-courses

OERu full courses are divided into smaller micro-courses. Typically three or four micro-courses make up a full course.

Each micro-course requires about 40 hours of learning effort to complete and prepare the assessments.

Taking smaller micro-courses has a number of advantages:

  • You only need to commit to the number of hours you have available to fit around your other commitments.
  • You can select those that interest you, without committing to a whole course.
  • Each assessment is small enough to be manageable for busy people, but big enough to be meaningful to employers.

The associated micro-courses that make up the full course are listed under the “Additional courses” section on the course site listing and the about page on the course site.

OERu micro-credentials

OERu has partnered with Edubits, a micro-credentialing initiative led by Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand.

Each of the micro-courses that make up a full course has been approved by the Academic Board at Otago Polytechnic, so that transcript credit for the associated full courses can be issued once you have successfully completed the corresponding set of three or four micro-courses.

For example, with the Project Management course, there are four micro-courses:

  • IPM101 Role of the project manager
  • IPM102 Initiating a project
  • IPM103 Planning a project
  • IPM104 Executing and closing a project

You can achieve digital certification for each micro.

Once you have completed the associated set of micro-credentials, Otago Polytechnic will issue transcript credit. Currently, transcript credit for the Business courses can be transferred for recognition towards the Certificate Higher Education in Business (OERu) at the University of the Highlands and Islands Scotland.


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