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In this section we provide an overview of learning with the OERu.

Subsection Summary
How OERu works Find out how to study OERu courses online for free and how you can gain academic credit towards real qualifications.
OERu learning environment Find out how to locate OERu courses on the oeru.org site and familiarize yourself with the OERu learning environment, including the course website and interaction technologies used for communication.
Navigating OERu course sites Learn about the structure of a typical OERu course and navigation options to find your way around a course site.
Registering for a course Learn how to register for a course to receive email instructions and post comments on the course site. Also learn how to: login to a course site, register or change a blog url, and retrieve your password on the course site.
OERu micro-courses Find out about micro-courses and how you can earn micro-credentials, which count towards formal academic credit.
Participation options Find out about different ways you can participate in OERu courses and our delivery options.