Learning outcome actions

  1. Publish the first draft of your design blueprint in the wiki. (See previous Tasks page for instructions.)
  2. Publish a short blog post of approximately 200 words to share your experience and reflections on this activity. Remember to:
    • Include a link to your draft blueprint in the wiki.
    • Apply the “ds4oer” tag to your post—called a label in blogger. (This is needed for harvesting your post in the course feed.)
  3. Please register the url of your blog post so course participants can find your contribution to provide feedback and comments.
    • Select “Design blueprint” from the list of options on the form.
  4. Visit the register of learning challenges submitted and post feedback on two blueprints in the wiki.
    • Try to find a blueprint which does not have any feedback comments.
    • The wiki convention is to post feedback on the corresponding discussion page in the wiki. Click on the “discussion” link which appears immediately to the right of the “Page” link at the top of your browser page.