Challenge summary

Summary: Develop and publish public course description intended for prospective learners.
2 hours
Not linked to the course assignment but productive first step towards developing a design blueprint.

Note: Learners from OERu partners will be able to reuse the course description for the OERu website.

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web resources

Stimulus resources

For inspiration and ideas, explore the web pages for the institutions linked below to read a large variety of course descriptions. Are there any writing styles that you prefer?



The overall aim of this challenge is to draft a public course description intended for prospective learners. This is a two step process:

  1. Creating the “Course description” subpage from your course planning page in the wiki.
  2. Drafting the text for your course description and publishing this in the wiki.

In this challenge you will:

  • Decide on a descriptive title for your course
  • Consider generic course metrics
  • Produce a strapline sentence for your course (a strapline is a type of advertising slogan)
  • Summarise what your course is about
  • Describe how your course will be taught

By completing this challenge you will have content suitable for publishing on an “About” page for your course website.