1. Visit the course description page which was published for this course and use this as an example template for developing a course description for your own course.
  2. Decide on the title and strapline for your course.
  3. Go to the course planning homepage you created earlier in this learning pathway.
    • If you are unsure how to find the page you created, click on “Contributions” at the very top of this page and look through the listing for the page you created, it will have an N just before the page title.
  4. Click on the red “Course description” link to create and commence your editing of the course description page. Type the course name and save the first edit of your course description page. Note:
    • The “Course description” page is set up as a subpage of your course planning page.
    • If your course planning homepage does not have a red “Course description” link, you can add it to your homepage directly:
      • Click “Edit” at the top of the page, and in the planning section of the homepage, type “Course description”.
      • Highlight these words and click on the link icon in the VisualEditor toolbar.
      • In the link field enter “/Course description”. (The “/” designates that the wiki page will be created as a subpage of the parent page.)
      • Remember to save your edits.
  5. Create the subheadings you will use for your course description page and remember to save your edits. We suggest the following subheadings:
    • Course metrics
    • What’s it about?
    • What will I learn?
    • What’s involved?
    • What prerequisites should I have, if any?
  6. You are free to adapt and modify the subheadings of your course description to suit your own context, however we recommend that participants developing materials for OERu courses retain these subheadings to support a common look and feel across course offerings.
  7. Using the example course description for this course, draft the text for each of the subheadings. Remember to save your edits.
  8. Remember to share your learning journey with our community by posting regularly on WEnotes below, OERu forums or Twitter and include the hash tag “ds4oer” where appropriate.