Now that you have an idea of the types of learning objects you could consider for your MOOC, and have reflected a little on what exactly you want your learners to know at the end of your course, it may be worthwhile to think a little about how to create activities that will engage your learners.
In the next video, you will hear about some attributes you should consider to address when designing your learning activities. This video on “Meaningful Learning Activities” (from the “Course Design on a Shoestring” YouTube Channel) covers things you might ask learners “to do” in a course rather than just providing them with learning materials. 

Time needed: 6:28 mins

This video addresses online courses in general, where tutors may have been allocated significant time to work with learners.  However, in MOOCs, such a level of tutor support is not possible, so as you watch this video, think about how these ideas are applicable in MOOCs, or achievable in an environment where learners must rely more on their peers for support than their tutors.



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