Creativity always builds on the past. And you are building the past right now. Share now. Shape the future.

—Justin Cone, 2004

Traditional “all rights reserved” copyright restricts our access to the creative outputs of the past. However, imagine a world where we stop reinventing the wheel and build on the past for a better future. In a digital world, Creative Commons licenses refine copyright for creating digital futures while expanding the shared commons.

Lawrence Lessig, a leading pioneer and founding board member of Creative Commons, suggests giving the creators of knowledge and culture the freedom to create. This means using copyright to give permissions to create. In this learning pathway we will explore how this works. It’s legal, and it’s free!


Creativity builds on the past by Justin Cones

Watch: Building on the Past, winner of the Creative Commons Moving Images Contest, 2004.

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Going behind the scenes
Meet Creative Commoner, Justin Cone who created “Building on the Past

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