If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

—Lao Tzu[1]

A key teaching philosophy of the OERu is to embed the acquisition of new digital literacies into your learning journey. Knowledge of how to use the Internet and social media technologies will better prepare you for life in a digital world.

If this is your first OERu course, you should spend time in setting up your personal digital learning environment.

OERu courses are different from traditional online courses, because we do not use a centralised learning management system and the materials are based solely on open educational resources and open access materials distributed on the Internet. In this course, you will choose your own social media technologies to interact with fellow students. The advantage is that you will control and retain access to all the content and learning artefacts you create during this course, even after its conclusion.

Please remember that your course blog and the social media technologies you use on this course are public, and that you take full responsibility for anything you publish. Do not disclose any confidential information and respect the privacy of your employer, colleagues and friends. In short, don’t say anything that you would not want to read on the Internet.