As this is a course focusing on digital literacies, blogging is a requirement for learners who wish to be assessed for formal credit. We strongly encourage learners who are participating in the course out of self interest to also establish a course blog, as this will improve your skills and enable you to network with your peers.

You can use any blog platform which has the capabilities to tag or label posts. Currently, we support WordPress or Blogger. (We may not be able to harvest posts for the course feed using blogging platforms which do not support categories, tags or labels.) If you would like to use your existing blog, we will harvest posts which are tagged or labelled using the course code:”LiDA101“. However, you may prefer to set up a new dedicated course blog.

The first learning challenge for this course will take you through the steps to set up your blog.

Overview of the steps to set up your blog

Actions Additional resources
Create a blog account
Configure your blog Customise preferences (including settings for comments) and personalise the layout of your blog:

Post your first blog entry and “declare” yourself Learners are invited to compete the learning outcome actions for the: Declare yourself learning challenge.
Register your blog url Remember to register your blog url on the course site by clicking on the user icon () in the site menu and filling out the url for your course blog. Tips:

  • Be sure to submit the url for the published view of your blog post and not the url used for editing.
  • Remember to tag or label your post using the course tag: “#LiDA101”.