The Making MOOCs on a budget course will be available for the future as an open-access course for anyone who is interested in learning about low-cost methodologies for MOOC production. All discussions will take place on LinkedIn and will be continuously open.


Discussion Module 2

You are welcome to participate in the discussion forum for module 2 here[1] :

The discussion question for module 2 is:

“You get what you pay for –  If you want a high quality MOOC, you need to pay for the equipment that will produce high-quality content. If you can’t afford the right tools, then don’t  waste your time trying!”Do you agree with this opinion? Can people really learn from content produced on a low-budget, or should MOOCs be made by technical specialists who have the equipment for doing it to a high professional standard? Which approach will you take in your own MOOC-building project?