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Discussion Module 4

You are welcome to participate in the discussion forum for module 4 here[1] :

The discussion question for module 4 is:

” When you consider the absolute numbers of MOOC participants, a 5% retention rate is good enough. Expecting MOOCs to bring about the so-called democratization of education is unrealistic – those who want to learn will complete the MOOC, the rest will drop out – there’s not a lot you can do about it” Do you agree with this opinion?  Who do MOOCs really benefit? Can they bring new opportunities to marginalized groups? Do learners really see value in completing MOOCs? What’s in it for them? Which approach will you take in your own MOOC-building project to recruit and retain your learners? Have you thought about how you will make your MOOC more appealing, relevant and meaningful for your learners?