Dr Melissa Wehler


Learning output actions

  1. Prepare and publish a blog post of about 400 – 600 words reflecting on your learning on your chosen dimension of openness.
  2. The openness dimension component of your blog post you selected for investigation (about 200 words) should cover the following aspects:
    • Reason why you chose the dimension
    • Succinct summary of the dimension and your most important findings supported by references using the APA citation style.
    • List of the three most important implications of the dimension for learning in a digital age.
  3. You learning reflection component of the post should cover the following aspects:
    • Description: Provide your reader with specifically what happened?
    • Evaluation: What was “good” and “bad” about the experience?
    • Analysis: What did you learn from it? How do you feel about it now? Did it change you? How?
    • Conclusion: What alternatives did you have at the time or what else could you have done?
    • Plan: What new knowledge or skills do you have and how will your experience inform future learning?
  4. Remember to include the course tag (LiDA103) for harvesting your blog post for the course feed.
  5. Post a comment on one or two blog contributions.