The following actions will help you in preparing your written learning reflection.

  1. Consult the stimulus resources on reflective writing.
  2. Select one of the following dimensions of openness for further investigation:
  3. Conduct a search for published research on your chosen dimension of openness and share links to valuable resources on Remember to tag your post using the course code: LiDA103 as well as additional descriptive tags, for example: open access, open policy, open business models etc.
  4. Use the suggested activity on the respective sub-page of this learning pathway for your investigation or choose an alternate focus based on the resources you find online.
  5. Generate a bullet list of your prior experience and knowledge of the dimension of openness before your online investigation of the topic.
  6. List WHAT you have learned but also HOW you learned it.
  7. Think about your response or reaction to the new knowledge and insights derived from the literature you have studied.